Hendrick Construction considers the preconstruction phase to be the most critical part of a project. The development of the project documents, work parameters, detailed expectations, site logistic plan, schedules, budgets and trade scope definition are critical to the successful completion of the project. Hendrick’s thorough approach to the preconstruction phase ensures a smooth construction phase.

Hendrick performs the following during the preconstruction phase:

Preconstruction Planning:

            •           Creation of Milestone Schedule

            •           Value Engineering

            •           Permit Review Coordination & Scheduling

            •           MEP Costing and Evaluation

            •           Construction Schedule Development

            •           Constructability Analysis

            •           Cash Flow Projections

            •           Long Lead Purchase Items


Managed Bid Services:

            •           Subcontractor Qualification

            •           Bid Package Development

            •           Pre-Bid Conference

            •           Evaluation of Bids

            •           Selection of Subcontractors

            •           Preparation of Final Budget

            •           Open Book Policy with Clients


All quantity surveys, subcontractor budgets, final bids and leveling sheets are provided to the client/owner in every phase of the project, from early budgets through the integration of any changes during the construction process. Starting with a baseline budget, every line item is documented in a variance report for the client throughout the project. 

Hendrick uses state-of-the-art software to quantify estimates with accuracy and proficiency. This efficiency leads to overall cost savings for the client.

Hendrick also works with the project architects and engineers to produce 3D renderings, giving the client views of the exterior and interior from virtually every angle. This preview reduces changes during the construction phase and thus, considerably lowers unexpected costs.